SEPTEMBER 15 & 16, 2018

Heritage Hall 3102 Main Street
Vancouver BC
Saturday 11-6pm
Sunday 11-6pm
Tickets: $3.00 at the door

Welcome to First Pick Handmade, a handmade fashion and accessories show with a boutique department store feel. Shop for your new Fall look and get first pick directly from local and Canadian designers. Clothing, Jewelry, Hats, Winter Accessories, Shoes, Bags and more, curated just for you. What will you find at First Pick?

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  • It’s Monday folks, and in a sharp contrast to last week’s Surface Design spotlight, we are turning it down, way down to appreciate Chic Simplicity, because the Devil, they say, is in the Details, and it’s often what we *don’t see* that make pieces special. Take LanaBetty for example… there’s a certain quiet, sure-footedness simplicity...
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  • Happy Friday Friends! We’re at the end of Surface Design Week, and we’re closing with one of our show favourites, Daub + Design, and sister company Daub | Active! We love the combination of hand-dyed (in the case of Daub + Design), and modern technology, with Daub | Active’s photo prints of Creative Director Lexi...
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  • It’s Thursday and we’re all about that Throwback… back to 1994 when we broke our deck and kinda gave up on learning to skateboard. But that gets us thinking, what ever happens to all those broken decks? Hopefully they make it to Adea Chung’s North Van studio, where a great transformation takes place through reimagining: how...
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  • We’re already at Wednesday and thinking about all the ways we’d like to spend our weekend, and it’s looking like planting seeds for Fall/Winter harvest is on the agenda. We are lucky to have such a long growing season on the West Coast, and I’m thinking I might hold a bit of space open for...
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  • We’ve been thinking about Surface Design, and the interplay of texture, colour and shape this week… And whenever we think about colour, we think about Bianca Barr’s eclectic mix of Jewelry and Clothing pieces! Bright and Bold, we love how every piece from Bianca’s collection makes a statement, so even if you wouldn’t normally wear...
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  • It’s the start of a brand new week of profiles, and this week we are talking Surface Design as we profile designers who dye, felt, print and create texture, colour and magic with their work. Handmade in itself is a real revolution, a disruption to the standard, store bought model that sees a whole lot...
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  • Made to Order is the order of business this week, and today’s profile is one of our new favourite Slow Fashion brands that we met this spring: Street and Saddle. We love the attention to detail, the tailoring and the Made to Order ethos of this Vancouver company. We love anything that we can wear...
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  • All week we’ve been looking at designers who make very special things for very special people, so it is very fitting that today’s profile is all about the beautiful, handcrafted work by master of his craft, Roberto Fioravanti. Trained in Italy, Roberto’s handmade rings adorn the fingers of couples as symbols of their love, and...
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  • We’re talking Slow Fashion this week, so can we take a moment to give some well deserved respect to our undergarments? As our first layer, these provide the foundation for our outfits, but some panties work harder than others, providing peace of mind and making us feel sexy when we have our periods… Which is...
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