Apply Now For Fall 2023

First Pick Handmade is a thrice yearly, curated, pop up Boutique Department Store event with a focus on Fashion, Art and Design, held at Heritage Hall in Vancouver. We host markets in Spring, Fall and for the Holiday Season.

We feature High Quality, Canadian Made, New, Clothing, Footwear, Jewelry, Accessories, Body Care and Fashion/Beauty related services as well as Design Forward Handmade Home Decor and Original Art. We promote Slow Fashion, Made to Order and Upcycling.

Please note, we don’t sell Vintage items at our event. All items must be made in Canada by you or under your direct supervision to be eligible to participate in our event. If you wish to sell any jewelry items, you must apply as a jewelry vendor.

Think you’d be a good fit? Please apply, we look forward to hearing from you!

Fall 2023 Event

Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24
(Application open now)

    Please list all items you wish to sell at First Pick Handmade:

    These items are:

    Men onlyWomen onlyBoth Men and WomenGender Neutral ProductI am applying as a Service (ie tailoring, garment repair, beauty service, etc)

    My items are: (Check any/all that apply)

    eco friendlyslow fashionmade to ordersmall runupcycled/recycledvegan friendlyother (explain below)

    By checking the boxes below I acknowledge that:

    Booth Size:

    Priority is given to fashion brands for large booths. We cannot guarantee booth location, or corner location as at least half our booth spaces are inline. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us if you are accepted to the show.

    Please note fitting rooms are not provided by the show, please consider this when choosing your booth size.

    Booth spaces are open concept (ie no pipe and drape), tables, chairs and electrical are included. Show owned mirrors are positioned throughout the show to share.
    Please note booths must be free standing as nothing can be attached to the walls at the show, and displays must comply with safety regulations (no trip hazards, must be stable, etc)

    Your display must fit within the sizing of your booth, if you think you need a bit more space, please go a size up.

    Show set up is from 9am-10:45 and must be completed within this time frame.

    Sharing of booths is not permitted.

    Please mark First and Second Choice. Small and Large Booths are limited and available at our discretion.

    Any booth needs/considerations: (ie need to back against a wall, etc)

    Every participant at First Pick Handmade agrees to actively promote the show. How will you promote the show? (check all that apply)
    newsletter/mailing list campaignfacebookinstagramtwitterdeliver/distribute post cardsword of mouthother

    What other shows in the Lower Mainland do you participate in?

    • my work and images on my social media, may be reposted, photographed, or otherwise used to promote my participation in First Pick, as well as advertising for future events (via event photographs which may contain my booth display)
    • I may cancel my application up until 60 days prior to the event, and receive a full refund, but cancellations after 60 days prior to the event or once First Pick begins actively promoting the show via print and PR, will not be refunded.
    • I understand that my booth size and any location requests may not be available, although organizers will do their best to accommodate, and that booth location decisions are up to the organizers.
    • I understand that past participation does not guarantee future participation as every event is seasonally curated.
    • that my booth will be open for business for the entirety of the event (ie no closing early)
    • that show organizers are not responsible for any damage or loss of product or income due to theft, act of god, etc
    • that only the items I have been approved to sell may be sold and that organizers reserve the right to ask that any unapproved items be put away.
    • that failure to promote the show to my customers may affect future participation.