Asiri Cosmetics

Creating, designing and integrating my activities in the environment I live in, have been fundamental concepts in my day to day life. Therefore, one day in, I decided to commit myself to integrate a new creative activity and start a small business, combining all the concepts that I am passionate about. I discovered that the design and production of handmade soaps, natural skincare products and home care can respond to my creative concerns.
Our handmade soaps clean, moisturize the skin and at the same time provide pleasure and well-being due to their aesthetic and therapeutic properties, including care for the environment with 100% biodegradable products.
This is what has inspired me to create Asiri Cosmetics, a name chosen for its dialectical origin and meaning. In Quechua, the second official language of Peru, Asiri means smile, and what better and simpler way to give you a smile with the sensations associated with the aromas, colors and designs of our products.