Bikini Empire

Monica and Kelsey Rush

Bikini Empire is the collaboration between twin sisters Monica and Kelsey Rush. They were raised on the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island as total water babies, spending their childhood in beaches, pools, and training as competitive swimmers. They soon fell in love with surfing and were deeply impacted by surf and travel culture around the world. As teenagers and young adults, they travelled the world together, which influenced their outlook on fashion, culture, and humanity.

Kelsey lives on the west coast of Canada on a small bohemian island, in an off-the-grid house she built with her partner, and Monica lives in the Dominican Republic, and surfs everyday.

Bikini Empire began as Kelsey’s creative whim. She was inspired by the need to create the best bikini she could – one that is not only cute and functional, but also ethically made, and blow-your-mind amazing and original. This whim has blossomed into a business and full-time jobs for both sisters. They work on every aspect of the business together and Bikini Empire is a true collaboration of their creative talents.

Their lifestyles have adapted to accommodate tropical photoshoots, design and styling sessions and endless email and Skype conversations. Their goal is to make no compromises, and do something that no other swimwear companies are doing.

Together they have created a swimwear line that is sexy, functional, high fashion and sweat shop free. It is ethically produced in Vancouver, Canada from fine Italian eco-fabric.