Denise Wilson
For me working with leather is a natural progression from printmaking. The process is very much the same. It’s about evolution, paring things down, stripping things away and working intuitively. I love responding to chance encounters and utilizing unexpected materials & processes, as well as adapting processes from one material to another.
I have a zero waste studio practice and my desire to not create waste is what lead to many of the materials I use as well as to my design process. 
I predominantly work with vintage, off-cut and remnant materials. When I do choose to use new materials I am very careful as to their origins, how they are produced and that they are of exceptional quality.
Travel is a huge part of what fuels my creativity and is an integral part of what I do. 
It is often both the catalyst for my ideas & the test run for new work. 
The items I produce are often created with travel in mind. Not necessarily travel abroad, it could just as easily be travel throughout your day. They become companions – personalized utilitarian pieces that have been created with a specific person or place in mind. My designs are functional, timeless in design and are meant to be used and worn.