Deluxe Kitsch

Trudy Wynans

Trudy Wynans, aka Deluxe Kitsch, creates bright and colorful pomtastic pillows with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern textiles. Handpicked vintage and/or upcycled fabrics and tapestries are individually combined with coordinating decorative accents – pompoms, trims and tassels. Styles range from mid-century modern, and retro 60’s to 90s era colorful prints and patterns. Most creations are one of a kind or limited to one of a few, made in my home studio in North Vancouver.

Each piece is crafted by hand, stuffed with new non-allergenic polyester fiberfill, and decorated with handmade yarn pompoms or tassels. My eco-conscious line exudes sustainability while adding interesting and vibrant pops of color to any room in your home. I strive to give these textiles a new life, some that haven’t been used for 50 years, and turn it into usable textile art for your space.