Emma Glover Design

Emma Glover

At Emma Glover Design our approach to jewellery is thoughtful and full of intention.  That intention is to create sacred pieces that connect with your heart. We use our hands to carve and form, and we believe that handmade objects carry their own energy so we are careful that we create with love and joy.

The designs are pulled from nature… time spent on beaches and in forests or even by the calm of a lake.  They are infused with inspiration from ancient art forms and the techniques that have been used for thousands of years that we are fortunate to use in our studio today.

Mother Earth inspires the designs, so it is only fitting that caring for her fuels each decision we make in the studio.  Our  process is both environmentally and socially conscious through sourcing conflict-free stones and using recycled gold and silver when possible. Our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint is ongoing and we embrace the ideals of “slow fashion”. Thoughtfully created and meant to last.