Flore Botanical Alchemy

Sensual olfactory stories with a unique and ever changing collection of luxury artisan natural perfume, plant potions, candle and alchemically distilled essences. Intricately wild crafted and formulated on Vancouver Island using old world perfume techniques including distillation, tinctures, infusions, & enfleurage. Hand blended in small batches with both locally sustainable gathered ingredients & ethically sourced rare oils from around the world.
I started formulating perfumed potions several years ago. Studying with one of the top natural perfumers in the scent world opened my heart and spirit,  connecting me to a mysterious ancient place within. Coming from a background in art, design, film, esthetics  and a fascination with the metaphysical world,  I was wanting to connect them all through high olfactory art.  Through those years as a  mad scientist, I was able to source the highest quality ingredients and packaging, make mistakes, experiment & harness my craft.   From the early days of making my own beautiful natural baby products for my daughter, candle making, the practice of aromatherapy to the obsession of botanical perfume making.

Inspired by  the Pacific Northwest ,  I began to forage, infuse, tincture and distill botanical materials that are native to our island, formulating them with ethically sourced rare essences from around the world using old world perfume techniques creating sensual stories of our  ancient rain forest to our wild seaside.

My products are intended for both women and men who have a desire to explore the sensual word of scent from the ritual of application to the intimacy with our minds. They appreciate the luxury of wearing precious and rare notes of the natural wold on their skin. Renewing communication with themselves and each other.