Fourth Avenue Treats


Hello. I’m Naomi, founder of Fourth Avenue Treats.

After 20 years as a jewellery designer I was seeking something new when COVID hit and my typical routine of going to in-person craft fairs was suddenly suspended. I found myself with plenty of free time and inspiration moved me from my jeweller’s bench to my kitchen scouring websites and cookbooks to design wholesome, refined sugar free family treats. I found myself fascinated and obsessed with the vast array of vegan, gluten-free and raw desserts that made my family (and friends) come running back for more every time I made them.

Before I knew it I had found a new creative outlet, was taking courses on how to make raw desserts, and wondered if I could take things to the next level by starting a home-based business.

Thus, Fourth Avenue Treats was born. I started production with a newly purchased Vitamix and dehydrator in my kitchen. In 2020, I was lucky to be accepted to the Vancouver Farmers Markets’ New Vendor Bootcamp, which allowed me to increase production and sales for Farmers Markets around Vancouver which I now attend year round. Over 2021 and 2022 I continued to grow my business, moving production to a dedicated gluten-free kitchen in East Vancouver. Besides Farmers Markets I now sell at several coffee shops around town or directly through my website. I want to keep on innovating full flavour experiences that everyone can access regardless of their dietary needs.

My goal is to provide tasty treats to adults and kids that have a variety of alternative dietary requirements so that they can eat high quality, beautiful desserts too, and to shift peoples’ perceptions of gluten-free, vegan treats. Fourth Avenue Treats – high quality, inclusive treats everyone can enjoy!