hetki / a moment

Kate Schreiner

Kate Schreiner- the creator of hetki / a moment- is a Vancouver born and raised visionary and creative. She grew up being inspired by everything, and used sketching as a creative outlet. Kate became familiar with textiles based on a family history of seamstresses and tailors, and soon developed the same passion and interest.

During her studies majoring in Fashion Design & Technology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Wilson School of Design, Kate’s passion and understanding of what being a creative individual meant became stronger. After 9 years of formal textile and industry education in Vancouver, Canada and Helsinki, Finland, Kate refined her skills in conceptual and technical design, illustration, manual and cad drafting, production, draping, styling, event planning, marketing, and business.

After spending time studying fashion in Europe, Kate began to look at design in a new way; she focused on perfecting the process simply because the process is a greater learning tool- and once the process is perfected, the product falls into place naturally.

Kate’s brand, Hetki / a moment is derived from the root of Scandinavia. The inspiration for her collection came from her experience studying fashion in Helsinki. The Nordic and Scandinavian countries have a beautiful, peaceful, and slow-paced disposition, and an overall quality of lifestyle is appreciated and valued; Kate felt these attributes should be considered in the fashion industry. She developed her collection to encourage the growth of the slow-fashion movement by creating pieces that put an emphasis on quality, longevity, timeless, and uniqueness, and aesthetically blur the lines between seasonal trends.