Ization Studio

Amy Herndon

: The action, process, or result of making

We are visionaries and creators viewing tomorrow under a microscope. We witness the forging of the future through an intricate filter, and play it back to you through thoughtfully formulated garments.

A future without divide – one species embracing differences connected through design. 

Launched in 2018 by Amy Herndon, Ization Studio is committed to thoughtful design and innovation. Ization Studio aims to break down societal constructs and convention with the use of experimental composition and unisex styles. The journey began many years ago when the search for unique, comfortable and well made clothes became exhausting. A skilled seamstress by trade she decided to launch Ization Studio with the intent to provide cool and comfortable clothing for every person. Inclusivity has been talked about at every step of the design process, aiming to create pieces that will fit and flatter a broad group of people regardless of size, gender or ability.

Amy Herndon grew up in Edmonton, AB and moved to Vancouver, BC for school in 2014. After school she worked in various positions in the apparel industry. Most recently freelancing pattern making and sewing client work.

After a year long hiatus from designing new inspiration struck when Amy once again realized she was unable to find what she wanted on the market. Realizing all she truly desired for her wardrobe was reliable basics she got to work developing the Baseline Collection. 

The Baseline Collection was born from the desire for comfortable staples that can be worn all summer and act as a base layer for your wardrobe. Amy made the compression items with the ability to wear them under other garments as a lazy bra alternative or shape wear inspired garment. The shorts help with chafing as well if you’ve got thighs that rub. 

Being a midsize person who lies on the large end of straight sizes she felt it was important and necessary to expand the ready made sizing to 4X. She has also included a variety of different sized models so people can confidently see how the garment will fit on their body instead of being limited to one size representation.