Mixers and Elixers

Heidi Kuhn

Shrubs are for everyone. They are for the experimental mixologist, the sober and sober curious, the budding bartender, and for those wanting a refreshing beverage with a unique sweet / tart flavour. All you have to do is add soda!

It all started when I found myself with a carload of ‘ugly’ nectarines one summer. I’m not a huge fan of jam, so I had to figure out something new to do with them. I tried my hand at making a shrub, and I loved it so much that I decided to develop a line of shrubs and call it Mixers and Elixirs.

A shrub, or drinking vinegar, is a fruit concentrate made with a combination of local fruits, organic apple cider vinegar, a touch of sugar and fresh herbs.

I make my shrubs with the whole fruit – pit and skins and all. I believe using the entire fruit adds a complexity of flavour not found in shrubs made from juice. I am proud to say whenever I can I purchase rescued fruit that is too big, too small, or too misshapen, diverting it from the compost and giving it a second chance.

I hope my handcrafted shrubs open you and your palate up to new flavours and new possibilities!