Mixers and Elixers

Heidi Kuhn

Heidi Kuhn got started making shrubs in 2015 when she was gifted 150 lbs of Okanagan Nectarines as a thank you gift for doing some volunteer work with a local Vancouver organization.

This was the catalyst for her involvement in the local food scene, and she decided to make small batch shrubs, which are also known as drinking vinegars, and sell them at local Farmers Markets. Heidi is concerned about food security and connects with farmers and growers to rescue the fruit they would normally have to throw away as it is rejected by grocery stores due to its odd size or shape.

Community engagement is a key element to the success of the Mixers and Elixirs product and brand. Heidi thrives on connecting with people at the markets, offering shrub samples, and explaining to the curious what a shrub is, it’s historical significance, and that shrubs make a refreshing sweet and tart drink you can enjoy with soda water or your favourite spirit.