Olive Rose

Olive Rose Studio is a small creative brand, consisting of unique and entirely handmade pieces. Each piece is made thoughtfully by founder and designer Olivia Mansveld and provides a precious moment of tactile playfulness in the everyday, drawing inspiration from tactility in handmade textiles, juxtaposed with the essential, utilitarian nature of clothing. We explore textiles by recycling ubiquitous yet sturdy and comforting materials such as denims, sweater knits, and cashmere, giving products quality and integrity. We are just beginning to move from one-of-a-kinds towards our first small-batch seasonal fashion collections. 

Olive Rose investigates the role and structure of the human heart as it relates to the spirit and attempts to construct its presence in fabric. Olivia hopes that every wearable and useful object can give the wearer a sense of self care and well being, and can be cherished with comforting intention. Every piece is intended to create a kind and positive impact on the earth and people.

I grew up rurally between the Rockies and the West Cost mountains of Canada with 2 sisters. We had a big connection to nature growing up which remains important to me to this day, and is a big part of my textile and sewing process, to consistently take consideration for the earth and make things myself. Through the imagination in designing and making clothing which I hope will become heirlooms as years go on, I think that I’ve been brought back full-circle to my beginnings of early imagination and closeness to the earth. I was trained in weaving, textile technologies, pattern drafting for fashion, and production sewing. All these parts of my life come together to form my project as Olive Rose. The name is a combination of the nickname my sisters have given me plus my own middle name which came from the name of my mother’s childhood best friend.