Roberto Fioravanti Studio Jeweller

Roberto Fioravanti

I remember when I was 15, the fog in Milano, taking the train to the workshop early in the morning to my favourite playground: Nonno Gigi’s workshop. The studio was overflowing with creativity, inspiration and the most amazing tools. This is the place where I was gifted the strong and traditional beginning to my art apprenticing with a weathered Italian master jeweller. Nonno Gigi has been a strong influence for me and the integrity of my work.

More than 30 years have passed and I remain deeply fascinated by the malleability of precious metals. I am still constantly lost in admiration as I hammer and forge the gold or silver, driven by a desire to obtain a perfect form while working with the flow and form of the natural materials. My style has evolved away from my classical training as my inspirations keeps coming, shape shifting my craft and keeping my days at the bench interesting and captivating.

I want my pieces to be alive with a personality independent from the context in which they are worn yet symbiotic with the wearer. It is important for me to make jewels that my clients connect with, that have meaning. I also love to work with textured surfaces. They add so much depth and richness to my objects, completing them.

I am a jeweller. I build my pieces one at a time, using ancient techniques that are nearly extinct. Although I am continuously using and discovering new techniques, I prefer many of the “old school” ways, though slower, add a richness that is malleable. I suppose my work can be described as “slow jewellery”. The relationship between chaos and order, movement and stillness, form and the absence of, possession and loss, these dichotomies are constantly inspiring my jewels.