Soma Design Co

Soma Mo

As a descendant of the Yi Tribe near the Tibetan border, where everything was made by simple hand tools, I am deeply influenced by my traditional culture. There is a belief that things have to be handmade.
I was trained under a Master there and I go back to the area annually to continue my education on jewelry making. I am one of a very few female students of his doing so.

I immigrated to Canada in 2001. Jewelry design was my dream for many years before that but I did not have the opportunity to realize it back in my hometown. Canada is where my dream finally became true. Bringing traditional and modern methods together is an important priority in expressing my artistic direction. As I go back to my hometown every year to study traditional silver technique I also go to some mountain areas across Canada every summer to get inspiration. Sometimes new ideas come out when I am facing a snowy mountain or when I dress up in traditional clothing. As an artist, my inspiration not only comes from mountains or my traditional culture, but also from every piece that I make.