Trudy Wynans

I grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island with an inherent fascination on how things were made. As a young child I could often be found in my father’s workshop, taking things apart to see how they worked. Although the subsequent recreating of the objects didn’t always prove successful, these first experiences were the underlying beginnings of a self-taught jewellery designer.
Inspiration for my work comes from my surroundings and the materials themselves. I love to incorporate asymmetry, yet somehow keep the pieces balanced with complimentary lines. Working with reclaimed and found materials always challenges me to think out of the box when designing a new piece. Taking vintage or discarded finds and creating a one of a kind design is always one of my favourite challenges. My clients can also spur inspiration by simply choosing to wear the piece other than had originally been intended. Requests or suggestions for colors or sizing can also bring on a new wave of design ideas.

Trudy officially launched her jewellery line TOODLEBUNNY Designs, in the spring of 2006. She works as a full-time artist from Parker St Studios in East Vancouver.