Giles Runeckles

I’m Giles Runeckles and I have been designing and making things most of my life. From childhood I’ve been drawn to the visual. Colour, shape, form & materials have singularly and collectively intrigued me for as long as I can remember. These seeds have led me to an understanding of art & design and their unique but often entwined & tense relationship—specifically, that the placing and patterning of any act towards a preferred result constitutes a design process.

This understanding has facilitated a life-long exploration within a multitude of areas and applications. I was blessed with having parents who were both educators, scientists and artists. Each brought a specific set of skills and knowledge but most importantly, passionately championed the act and necessity of pure experimentation. The act of doing and learning from successes and failures along with a what if I did this or changed that attitude has helped sustain this incredible window into the possible.

My shaping of things is a way to encapsulate where my interests, passions and expertise have led me. Initially I began my design inquiry in Graphic Design & Communication. This in turn naturally progressed with Exhibition & Interior Design integration, which then insisted that fixtures, furnishings and materials be explored. And as one can see, it really does become a never-ending space of inquiry. I work within these connected spaces and I firmly believe that each area of inquiry helps illustrate and illuminate the other.