First Pick presents Supernova by Black Hole Clothing

We’re spotlighting Print and Pattern this week, and we always know we can count on Lilliam from Supernova by Blackhole Clothing to come armed with patterns of all kinds celebrating all eras: Stripes, poodles, tikis, pin up girls, flames… all cut in wearable styles that show off the prints and flatter the body, especially for gals with boobs and curves, hurrah!

Lillam’s designs also include solid pieces to coordinate with her prints, so you can get the complete look without looking too matchy matchy… Because with a statement making piece, you don’t need it to look like a suit! These are pieces made for everyday however, with elements like pockets and pleats to add function.

We chatted with Lillam for hours when we visited her this summer in Alberta, and look forward to spending the weekend together at First Pick this Fall. Check out part of the conversation, and get ready to make a fashion statement with her unique designs this fall!

What influences your designs?

I love to get inspired by fashions from past decades. The ’50s has always been one of my favourite times for fashion, although I have to say being a child of the 70’s I get lots of inspiration from that era specially for the SUPERNOVA line.

Who do you see wearing your creations? What is your customer like?

As far as who I design for, I’m going to say it’s for the nonconformist.

I personally like things that are different, comfortable, wearable and well made – I like to think my customers feel much the same!

What challenges do you face as a Canadian Designer?

Getting my products to people who care about and appreciate what I do is one of the biggest challenges. Especially living in a small rural town – That’s why I love being part of the First Pick family!

What do you love about it? Because we know without the love, we wouldn’t be doing this?

I love the design and sample making. Bringing the design to life is so rewarding – though it can be frustrating at times!

I tend to get bored making a full run of the same item, so I would say sewing is my least favourite part of the production process – though it’s a necessary evil.

What’s something you are proud of with your line?

I can certainly say I’ve designed and sewed everything in my collection myself!

What are you doing to be more waste conscious? 

From the start I’ve always tried to use as much of the bolt of fabric as possible – from using fabric edges for trim to making bags and coin purses from off-cuts, there are so many ways to reduce production wastage!

What do you think customers need to think about when they see your line vs a fast fashion item?

I think as a society we need to rethink our need for cheap, essentially disposable, products. This not only affects the environment, but most importantly the people who suffer in poorly paid and dangerous factory jobs to provide us with the cheap products we’ve become accustomed to.

I’m not interested in designing disposable fashion. I want my customers to be able to enjoy their pieces for years to come.