First Pick Profiles Sola Fiedler

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Sola Fiedler, better known as Sola, and every time I see her I’m in utter awe to the amount of *living* she has crammed into her 80 some years on the planet. Tales from her days running her live music venue the Soft Rock cafe, life in England during WWII, and travels around the world making tapestries make for an enthralling afternoon because Sola’s life itself is a fabulous work of art.

For First Pick Handmade, Sola will be exhibiting one of her large scale tapestries in our bar area, as well as selling her reimagined sweater hats, so we can all own some of her work, no walls required. Her hats are all unique, coming from sweaters she rescues and resurrects, often with fabulous findings collected over the years while working with textiles. Her hats remind us not take life so seriously, to have some fun with it all.

Check out Sola’s tapestries and stories here.