First Pick Profiles Conscious Care

We’re all about the Environment and Inclusivity this week, so what better way to care about your body and the planet than with Eco-Friendly Bodycare from Conscious Care? We first met Lyndsay at our Spring 2018 First Pick, and have been hooked on Conscious Care ever since. Self care helps with self acceptance, so do something nice for yourself without the guilt of excess packaging, chemicals or fake fragrances. We love the way Conscious Care products smell, and although though they contain the magical CBD oil, you won’t smell like a weed shop. Conscious Care has products for everybody, be sure to add them to your First Pick Shopping List… Our personal favourites are the Bomb Powder Dry Shampoo, Composure Bath Salts (containing herbs to aid Lymphatic Drainage) Wunder Woman Roll On and of course the Canna Salve!