First Pick Profiles Daub + Design

We do it a little bit differently out here on the West Coast: we take things a bit slower, do things with a bit more intention and like to include the environment because one moment we’re in the city, and a bridge later, we’re in the mountains… We may not dress up as much out here, but when we do casual and sporty, we do it right.

It seems fitting to start things off with Lexi Soukoreff’’s line of active and athleisure, because the line is the epitome of West Coast style, and because we’re totally dedicated fans. The company’s line fits our lives where we’re in the studio one moment, then doing a hike or dog walk, which turns into a quick stop for coffee with a friend, grabbing groceries and before we know it, we’ve been out all day… We need clothes we can move in out here, and Daub + Design gives freedom of motion to free spirits.
We have proudly hosted Daub + Design since the very first First Pick Handmade, and we are very glad to have this company back with us again for Spring 2019. We are particularly excited about the new Daub Basics collection, as this really helps us take comfort up a notch while still keeping it local, and would make for the perfect casual office wear too, since there’s no big logos to distract. These basics are a perfect compliment to the hand dyed collection and also the more technical Daub Active collection. It’s been exciting to watch this local company grow and expand its collections, which in a city known for yoga pants is no small task.
Designer and Creative Director Lexi Soukoreff says on her company’s beginnings:
 I started Daub + Design in 2010 out of the desire to explore my love of fabrics and the way I could add colours to them using various surface design techniques to make one of a kind designs. After studying in fine arts and textiles, I took to creating custom swimwear pieces in a small studio in Gastown, Vancouver, expanding into hosiery shortly after. I developed a signature aesthetic of one leg black, one leg tie-dyed and not long into my journey, I saw the need for unique, functional active apparel for women. I transitioned our recognizable designs into leggings that could be worn for both yoga or your everyday life. The basis was that you didn’t have to look like you were going to yoga – enter athleisure, several years later 🙂 It was, and still is, necessary for designs that make women feel comfortable in their clothes no matter what they’re doing. All my clothes are designed to make you feel your best in your own unique style.
Here’s a look at more life as a designer, with this interview with Lexi, reposted from Calgary Art Market, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Be sure to mark your calendars for First Pick Handmade Spring 2019, March 16+17 at Heritage Hall.