First Pick Profiles ZULA Jewelry and Neon Love by Zula

All this week we’ll be looking at designers who have the West Coast lifestyle nailed, and today’s designer ZULA looks deeply to the environment for inspiration. Nature reverent jewelry allows us to wear a piece of the forest, and can help us stay connected to nature when we travel to different environments or are unable to get outdoors, which is a huge part of life on the coast. Whether we take in the fresh ocean air or feel sand beneath our toes, we can’t escape the beauty that surrounds us here. There’s a certain magic to this part of the world, and Zula definitely captures it within her ZULA Jewelry and Neon Love by Zula collections.

We got to know Zula a bit better recently over some tea and conversation, check out our interview below and some of the beautiful finds you can expect at First Pick this Spring.

When did you start you line? How has your line evolved since then?
ZULA started in 2010, the collections have emerged to show a deeper meaning to the connection you have to Nature and the Cosmos and your Truest Self.
How do I know if your jewelry is right for me? 
There is a deeper aspect in yourself you aren’t quite ready or don’t quite know how to tap into. You feel better when you go for a walk outdoors and watch a sunrise or sunset. From deep inside you, you believe that there is an old wisdom in plants, trees, rocks, waters, and the stars. You wish you could feel more like yourself with out trying to be anyone else. You love the idea of feeling empowered just because that is your natural state. That you actually give yourself credit for the creative parts in your life whether it be painting, gardening, cooking dinner for your family, dancing, teaching your dog a new trick, or fixing your bike.
At times you may feel lost or disconnected from your power and true essence and need reassurance, ZULA jewelry brings you back by reminding you of the deepest trust and knowledge in yourself. Truly know that you are held in this Universe, you are on your path of truly accepting yourself in a strong, grounded and beautiful way.
Just like the power of Nature helped me connect back to the love and trust for myself and to stand in my power in a grounded way, the person who wears ZULA jewelry will feel the connection to Nature and the Cosmos, so that they too can feel strong, grounded, and embodied in their truest self.
Spring always means love is in the air, do you make wedding rings? 
I offer custom goldsmithing services and custom sets of jewelry for bridal parties.
How does your work contribute to the Green Shift? 
I offer custom jewelry services where I can work with your stones and metal. Grandma’s old ring can be transformed into a new design you are stoked to wear! For Birthdays, Mothers Day and Father’s Day, I am happy to collaborate with you on a Nature Reverent piece of jewelry!
Handmade can be pricey, or at least seem that way… Through what lens would you suggest consumers think about their purchases?
Handmade is pricey. But why would you want it another way, knowing that item you purchased has a story and was created with you in mind, AND the person is making a living from it?  I love KNOWING the person that made my item. It makes me feel special. A client of mine had a great point: “If the item I want to purchase is under $365 dollars I don’t worry about it. That means it costs me $1 a day and I am definitely going to be loving it all year!”
I love buying direct from makers, it makes me feel special. There are a lot of designers around, but who do you know that actually handcrafted your item from scratch?
It can be hard for us as small business people, what helps keep you going?
I am a one person company and artist. I tend to put pressure on myself because I want to do my best, challenge myself and keep growing. I have a message that I think the world should have the opportunity to hear, me sharing myself with others through what I make helps spread that Nature Reverence and Cosmic Love can help us be our Truest Selves.