First Pick Profiles Joseph Henry Workshop

We’ve been looking at simplicity and minimalist style this week, and what can be more Back to Basics than a simple card wallet or key fob… but this is also an opportunity to show precision execution and craftsmanship… because simplicity holds no room for mis-steps or second guesses…

With this in mind, we are very excited to welcome Neil Singh, aka Joseph Henry Workshop back to our Fall 2018 show, with his collection of essentials, created with a minimalist ‘Je ne sais quoi’ that is equal parts form and function that we fell in love with at our very first First Pick Handmade show last year: Waxed Cotton lunch bags, beer cozies and even cord keepers recieved elevated attention to detail.

Take a peek at this visual essay and head over to Creators Vancouver, where Neil was recently interviewed about his design and creative influences.

PS, Neil will be personalizing keychains “while you wait” at our Fall 2018 First Pick Handmade, offering shoppers a chance to see busy hands at work… You won’t want to miss this!