First Pick Vendors on First Pick Handmade

Let’s face it, there are *a lot* of Markets, Craft Fairs and Pop Ups these days, it can be kinda overwhelming to pick and choose. How do you know what’s going to be good? Our method is to ask the vendors….

Handmade designers always seem to know what’s up, and it makes sense: they know the level of work and craftsmanship involved in making something from scratch, and they’re the ones on the scene… So don’t just take our word for it that you don’t want to miss our show, here’s what our designers had to say about our event:

What’s the vibe like at First Pick?

“A very upscale feel without being snobby. I felt very at home there!” Katelyn Woodburn, Street and Saddle

“First Pick is a favourite here at Revol Girl, time and time again we just love how curated the vendors are, bringing in customers that are really there to support local vendors! The atmosphere is so creative and inviting, it is always very successful for our business!” Sara Jonsdottir, Revol Girl

“First pick is very fashion forward and influencer focused. I like that First Pick curates the best of the industry and invites them to see my work. Some markets are “crafty” others are “handmade” – First Pick is refined and about spreading the word of Vancouver fashion.” Lana Lepper, LanaBetty

What’s it like to shop the show?

“It’s better. Looks nicer. Not just filled with crap. I tell everyone it’s well curated and not busy and in September so it’s not “Christmas” season. They can relax and go to Burgoo and then come see us!” Lexi Soukoreff, Daub + Design

“I feel like you are trying to give the shoppers an opportunity to get in touch with local designers thru the changing of the seasons. “you don’t need the malls, just come to first-pick”. It’s great!” Frances Dickinson, Frances Felt 

“Stellar lineup!  The quality of artists chosen to do the show is always top notch!  I look forward to covering myself from head to toe handmade fashion at First Pick again this year!” Trudy Wynans, Toodlebunny

What’s it like to show at First Pick Handmade?

“Each artist is promoted equally which I really love, I don’t think any other market does that!” Bianca Barr, Bianca Barr Designs

“I love it! The effort put in to attract new and high quality artists/designers really shows. Classy feel of the show and  customers who come to shop are looking for something different and well made, they enjoy finding something that isn’t available just anywhere.” Adea Chung, Billy Would Designs

“I think it is a great way to meet other like minded customers and consumers.  When we have events like First Pick we are not only showing our clothing and goods but we are also linking in with a world of makers and other business owners that are creating there own customer bases that can be beneficial to each other.” Paul Long, Anain Manufacturing

And one last word from First Pick….

“Fashion-wise, there is so much going on here on the West Coast, it’s a really exciting time. In curating a show like this, we can see that it’s totally possible to outfit ourselves head to toe, and the quality is equal to that of higher end lines Made in Italy and sold at twice the price. It’s a win for everyone to buy locally, and it’s more unique as well. I save my money for this show, I can get everything I need for the season all in one place, and I know the money I’ve spent is going back into the community.” Janna Hurtzig, First Pick Handmade Founder and Winterluxe Recycled Cashmere designer