First Pick Profiles Fortiv

Hello! We’re in the home stretch as we get closer to our show, and from this point on, we’re all about that Sustainable Fashion, which we’ll be exploring in its many forms.

In case anyone needs convincing why we should all be more conscious consumers, here’s a link to an article we posted yesterday on Facebook¬† about the need to just slow down and quit the Fast Fashion already. It’s a bit of a scary monster when you look Fast Fashion in the eye, but much like David vs Goliath, we can use our “small” size to our advantage by really being able to do things that simply aren’t possible with large scale, increasing-profits-every-quarter type production. Size matters, but in this case, it’s the ‘Little Guy’ that is the revolutionary.

Production that uses natural elements for dyes, end run fabrics and even fabric off-cuts lovingly re-made into yardage aren’t possible in a sewing room where speed of production tops everything else, so it’s the smaller, Slow Fashion companies that are leading the charge.

Michelle Larsen’s Vancouver based Fortiv label will join us at our Spring Market, good timing as we think about renewal, planting gardens and doing what we can to give back to the Earth (or not take from it in the first place).

About her label, Michelle says:

Fortiv began from my desire to make simplistic, versatile clothing through playful creation and thoughtful consumption.

Each piece is one of a kind, wether it is up-cycled from thrifted finds or naturally dyed with wilted flowers. I see every garment as a way to re-use waste and get creative with what gets left behind. 

By providing clothing made in this way, I hope to inspire mindful consumption, playful creation, and appreciation for what we wear.