First Pick presents Bukuro Bag Company

We’re talking natural fibres, with a focus on Linen this week, and when we think of Linen, we always think of our lovely collection of Bukuro bags hanging by the door, ready to go when we are, and do whatever we need them to do.

Over the course of many First Pick Handmade Markets, Bukuro Bag Company designer/maker Samantha MacKinnon has taken her “other project” to the masses with a message the Samantha we met in the 90s would appreciate: Don’t buy crap! Buy good stuff.

Having worked in Vancouver’s Film and Television industry for decades (you have certainly seen her work, check out her list of credits here), Samantha has an unparalleled appreciation for fabric, so to choose Linen, (alongside deadstock bark cloth from the 40s and fine leathers), the Bukuro Bag Company offers daily utility with luxe simplicity, in a well conceived collection to answer your every bag need.

We chatted recently about Fall 2019, here’s what Samantha had to say:

Sustainability is huge right now, but what do you think needs to happen to take it from “trend” status to how the everyday person is living?

Start holding corporations accountable. I think it’s amazing how many people want to change the way their living and I think it’s important for all of us to do what we can to leave behind the smallest footprint possible, but it’s time for the giants to start doing their part. We need to make noise and demand change.

What should consumers be aware of when comparing products and making purchases? How can they avoid “greenwashing”?

Buy directly from the maker or find shops and markets that focus on local creators. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out where their materials are sourced and who is making them.

Even with the rise in Sustainability, customers still want “luxury”… how does your line connect the two concepts? 

This is a particularly hard one because most people associate luxury with brand names, they accept luxury prices because there is a name attached to it, not because of the actually quality. So more than anything I think it’s a matter of shifting the way we think about it, showing that you can get that feeling from more than just a name.

What is your favourite part of production, and why? …And the least favourite?

Handling the fabric in general is pretty great. Linen looks and feels good, and it’s hard not to be happy looking at all the different colours! Least favourite might be hammering the hardware, the noise can be a little much sometimes.

What do you wish customers understood about the production process?

That every single piece takes time. Yes we work quickly, but it still takes time making sure that everything is done right and done well. It can be monotonous and sometimes frustrating making sure that things are done to a level of quality that you’re proud of.

What’s new for Fall 2019? Why are you excited about this season?

I honestly can’t believe how fast this year is going by, I feel like we just did the spring show! We’ve recently created the ’tag along” a mini clip pouch that can carry all sorts of little bits and bobs and can clip to pretty much anything!

What’s the one thing customers should add to their wardrobe this season and why? 

I think the two most important things right now are shopping your own closet and capsule wardrobes. I love the idea of rediscovering items you already have, and then putting together a wardrobe with intent. You don’t have to stick to X amount of items, but I think it’s important to maximize what you have. From there find out what’s ‘missing’ in your wardrobe, but also think about how many different ways that item can fit into your life. That’s why the Bukuro bag was born, trying to get the most out of one thing!

Bukuro Bag Company will join us at both our First Pick Handmade Markets this Fall: Fashion September 14+15 and Decor+Lifestyle October 19+20. Stock may vary by market, so plan to come to both!