First Pick profiles FiveLeft Leather

It’s a brand new week and we’re coming up quickly to our Fall 2019 Market, and with every passing day we’re getting extra excited to showcase all the amazing designers we have showing with us, who are all about the Extra…

This week we’re profiling Designers who go a bit above and beyond with their techniques and designs, or whose designs add that little bit Extra to your wardrobe.

Today we are profiling a Vancouver leatherworker Lincoln Heller, whose FiveLeft Leather brand is easily spotted by its distinctive style, featuring vegetan leather and hand dying techniques produced in studio. While we’re eagerly awaiting Lincoln’s new products for Fall (which are launching a week before First Pick, more info here), here’s a look at some of his catalogue of past works, all of which are numbered and signed by the man himself.


It’s easy to see how FiveLeft brings something extra to your look, and we eagerly await the new products, which are rumoured to include soft leather.