First Pick Profiles Roberto Fioravanti

All week we’ve been looking at designers who make very special things for very special people, so it is very fitting that today’s profile is all about the beautiful, handcrafted work by master of his craft, Roberto Fioravanti.

Trained in Italy, Roberto’s handmade rings adorn the fingers of couples as symbols of their love, and as no love story is the same, neither need be the rings.

We are excited to welcome Roberto back to our Fall show, where you can chat with him about his work, commission that special piece or shop from his selection of exquisite ready-to-wear jewels. Diamonds, gold and precious gems make Roberto’s pieces as unique as the person who wears them.

Take a look and be inspired, and for more to dream about, check out Roberto’s Instagram, where his dazzling work comes to life, and find interviews with Roberto here and here