First Pick Profiles Revol Girl Lingerie

We’re talking Slow Fashion this week, so can we take a moment to give some well deserved respect to our undergarments? As our first layer, these provide the foundation for our outfits, but some panties work harder than others, providing peace of mind and making us feel sexy when we have our periods… Which is kind of a big deal!

If you’ve joined us last Fall or this Spring, you’ve no doubt met Sara Jonsdottir from Revol Girl, whose Menstruation-Positive message comes with every pair of Made-to-Order Period Proof panties. We are so glad to have Revol Girl join us again for Fall 2018! Not only is Revol Girl part of the Menstruation Revolution, each piece is handmade to order, as part of the Slow Fashion Movement, which is a win for everybody… There’s no over-production with this process, so designers can offer more styles, for longer… And no more buying the wrong size because yours was sold out or the back order was taking forever!

Check out our Spring 2018 and Fall 2017 spotlights for more information about Sara and her line of Period-Proof Lingerie, here’s what she had to say about Fall 2018:

What excites you about Fall fashion? 

I always love the change of colours, the shift in hues always get me inspired. At Revol Girl we work on a seasonless schedule but we still love to let the changing seasons influence our photoshoots and media.

 What’s new for Fall 2018? 

There are always new things launching at Revol Girl, we plan on releasing new colours and prints for the fall!

What motivates you to keep going as a small business owner?

Being an entrepreneur definitely has its ups and downs, but along with the difficulties come and immense amount of freedom to do exactly what you want. Revol Girl’s goal is to create a quality product the empowers women and allows them to not feel held back by their periods! What more could I ask for in life than to have that kind of impact?

Let’s talk handmade for a second… What would you say stands out in buying handmade over fast fashion?

The quality of handmade products is impeccable, there is no denying that something handmade will last longer because there is constant quality control happening during the process of creating the product, everything is being monitored by the person making it so you know there is assurance it will be made well.

Sara will be at the show to provide insight on materials, sizing, absorption and product care, meanwhile check out her Instagram feed for pro-flow tips!