First Pick profiles Revol Girl Lingerie

Love is in the air this week, and thoughts of lingerie and all things to make us feel pretty abound…. and then we get our periods! It seems like any possible “fun time”: parties, anniversaries, vacations, road trips, you name it, means our monthly visitor rolls in the door as if we have nothing else to do…

It doesn’t have to spell disaster to get our periods anymore, and it doesn’t mean we can’t feel like sexy bad-asses either, thanks to local period-proof lingerie brand Revol Girl Lingerie. You may recall Sarah Jonsdottir was at our event in the fall, bringing her made-to-order menstruation proof panties and soft bras to the masses. We are so excited to have Sarah back at the show for spring, and to see what’s new, including post-partum leak proof panties for new mums and new styles of period proof panties so we can go with the flow, and feel empowered during our special time of the month, in panties we want to wear the whole month long!

Check it out, and plan to visit Revol Girl Lingerie at First Pick Handmade Spring!

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